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How do I apply Warticon solution? Please read the instruction leaflet enclosed with the Warticon solution. Wash the affected skin with soap and water before treatment and dry thoroughly. Use an applicator to apply the solution directly to the warts twice a day (morning and evening) for 3 days and then stop treatment for the next 4 days.
How long does imiquimod take to work? Imiquimod cream should be left on the skin for 6 to 10 hours. Continue using imiquimod until all of the warts are healed, up to a maximum of 16 weeks.
When should I stop using fluorouracil 5 cream? Page 1 Fluorouracil cream should be applied thinly to the affected. area once or twice daily usually for 2-3 weeks, but in some. It is important to warn patients that adverse effects should. be expected. When fluorouracil cream is applied to pre-neoplastic skin. First 5-10.
Can Aldara be used internally? If you have open sores: do not start using Aldara cream until after the sores have healed. If you have internal warts: do not use Aldara cream in the urethra (the hole from which urine is passed), the vagina (birth canal), the cervix (internal female organ), or anywhere inside your anus (rectum).
How is imiquimod dispensed? Dosage Forms And Strengths Aldara (imiquimod) Cream, 5%, is supplied in single-use packets each of which contains 250 mg of the cream, equivalent to 12.5 mg of imiquimod. Aldara Cream is supplied in boxes of 12 packets each.
What is the best way to remove basal cell carcinoma? Surgery Curettage and electrodesiccation: This is a common treatment for small basal cell carcinomas. Excision: Excision (cutting the tumor out) is often used to remove basal cell carcinomas, along with a margin of normal skin. Mohs surgery: Mohs surgery has the best cure rate for basal cell carcinoma.
Can basal cell carcinoma spread to organs? Basal cell carcinomas rarely spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. Instead, they invade and slowly destroy surrounding tissues. When basal cell carcinomas grow near the eyes, ears, mouth, bone, or brain, the consequences of spread can be serious and can lead to death.
Is Basal Cell Carcinoma dangerous? Generally, basal cell carcinomas are the least dangerous of skin cancers. They rarely metastasize (spread) or become life-threatening. Often they barely appear to grow or change for years, and people may leave them alone until they finally become too unattractive to bear or begin bleeding.
Can basal cell skin cancer turn into melanoma? Only about 10% of all skin cancers are melanoma. A history of basal and squamous cell cancers increases one's risk for melanoma. However, a basal or squamous cell cancer does not turn into a melanoma. That fact that someone has a BCC or SCC indicates that there is enough sun damage to place them at risk for melanoma.
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